Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


At United Way of Greater Lafayette, we believe that every person is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect – this includes equitable treatment and access to justice.  Incidents of social injustice are abhorrent and run counter to everything that United Way fights for every day.   

We encourage all people of all backgrounds and identities to call out discrimination and demand its removal from our society.  Stand with us in recognizing injustice and unfair treatment in our communities and in being agents of change to make this a better place to live.  To those in our community who experience discrimination in all forms, whether covert or overt, through microaggressions or outright violence, we see you, we hear you, and we stand with you.

We must all do our part, working United, to make our community the place that we need it be. To that end United Way of Greater Lafayette is committed to creating a safe space for everyone in our community to develop a shared understanding of our local challenges and executing an action plan with the goal of making Greater Lafayette a more equitable, respectful, and opportunity-filled community for everyone. 

United Way of Greater Lafayette takes the Cradle to Career Commitment and the belief that every person is worthy of access seriously. It is a community wide effort to help people develop the tools and skills necessary for a lifetime of success and good decision making. It is about celebrating the uniqueness of each path and the value that each person adds to the richness of our experiences here in Greater Lafayette. 




Our mission is to educate, equip, and activate community members and partners to create an equitable, respectful and opportunity-filled community for everyone.  


The vision of the DEI Committee is to ensure every person it the community is equipped with the tools they need to live their best life from cradle to career especially understanding the systemic barriers that exist because of race, religion, gender, sexual expression or orientation, age, ability, size, education, and/or socio-economic status. We do this through the introduction of accountability checkpoints with our partners and their clients, sustained action with and education of individuals in our community, and open collaboration and communication with other equity focused organizations, government entities, nonprofits, and community members.  



Our Strategic Plan is broken down into four strategies.  

Strategy 1: Assess internal DEI strategies and establishing professional training through a DEI lens. This strategy will keep us accountable. We will train diverse volunteers that will participate and lead Community Conversations. Staff and board training will also be through a DEI lens. We will also develop and encourage intentional outreach plans to improve diversity within candidate pools. The perfect candidate for a job may be hindered by transportation issues, religious or racial differences. This strategy will help alleviate those.

Strategy 2: Direct funding that builds equity. This may be the most obvious step to a more equitable community. Long-lasting change can’t happen without resources. This strategy has us putting our money where our mouth is. The funding will incentivize non-profits and hold them accountable for their DEI work. Funding can also be used to develop and support equity-building programs unique to each non-profit. 

Strategy 3: Equip our partners in the non-profit community to improve their outreach efforts and recruit diverse leadership. This strategy will help diversify the leadership in the non-profit community in Greater Lafayette. It will help develop and coordinate recruitment for non-profit boards that will increase participation for underrepresented groups. This strategy falls in line with Strategy 1, holding other non-profits accountable to come alongside with us in this work. 

Strategy 4: Facilitate engagement at the community level. This strategy will be used to create a safe space for community healing. It will also encourage conversation. These conversations aren’t always easy to have. These happen through Harwood Community Conversations. The conversations are designed to give everyone a seat at the table to share their thoughts and listen to others without the fear of judgement. 



United Way of Greater Lafayette is proud to announce the launch of the Sarah Rounds Price Equity Fund. Sarah Rounds Price dedicated her time, talent, and treasures to making her Greater Lafayette community a better place to live for all. This fund will be used to directly spark innovation and build connections to make the community more equitable, respectful, and opportunity-filled for all. 


Take part in the ongoing process of keeping a pulse on the issues surrounding our community by participating in one of UWGL’s Community Conversations. Using an outward turning approach and kitchen table style conversations, participants answer a series of questions in hopes of documenting their aspirations for the Greater Lafayette community. Main concerns in the conversations have included mental health, substance use, crime and drugs, diversity and inclusion, communication about events and services, accessibility/transportation and youth engagement.  Learn more and register here.  


Engage in an active role in creating a more equitable and inclusive Greater Lafayette. Find your passion and put your skills to use through one of the many volunteer opportunities offered by United Way of Greater Lafayette. Volunteer here.