Holiday Day of Action- Care Packages for Seniors & Veterans

United Way’s Holiday Day of Action is all about bringing care and cheer to folks who might be missing loved ones who are not able to visit them. We collect supplies for care packages to send to local seniors and veterans, providing cards with loving messages and a small set of gifts. You can help us by collecting items for these packages, writing cards, or donating funds to help us procure the items we hear are needed most. 

Our goal this year is to collect supplies for, assemble, and distribute 250 care packages to senior clients of Hanna Center and Tippecanoe Senior Center, as well as residents of the Veteran’s Home in West Lafayette. We are grateful for any support from you, your family, or your workplace or church! 


Full size men’s 2-in-1 Body Wash (Goal of 120) 

Unscented Hand Lotion (Goal of 120) 

Chapstick (Goal of 250) 

Travel Tissue Packs (Goal of 250) 

Coloring Books and Colored Pencils (Goal of 200) 

Word Search Books, Regular and Large Print (Goal of 200) 

Hats and Gloves (Goal of 100) 

Socks (Goal of 250) 

Sweatpants, L- 4X (Goal of 70) 

Blankets (Goal of 70)