About Us

United Way in Montgomery County works to create positive changes in our community to make Montgomery County an even better place to call home. We want our local children to enter school ready to learn so they can graduate from high school, pursue a degree in college or obtain skilled job training, maintain stable, healthy lives at home, and become engaged, productive members of our community who help us continue creating success for others.

We cannot do this work alone, and our mission, Mobilizing our community to improve lives, reflects this. In other words, at United Way in Montgomery County we bring people, organizations and resources together to deliver results that meet the needs of people in Montgomery County to create the conditions necessary for success.

Our Vision

Mobilize our community to improve lives. 

Our Mission

United Way will add value to the Montgomery County community by enabling people to help one another. It will provide leadership in defining community needs and in coordinating resources to address community issues.

Our values

  • We are Mission Driven. We believe that change is possible when we all work together. This is at the core of each person on our team.
  • We believe real change takes All of Us. There is nothing we can accomplish alone. Our individual success depends on our collective success in Montgomery County.
  • We are Persistent. We at United Way in Montgomery County and all of our partners, recognize that changing social conditions takes time. We’re in this for the long haul.