About the RFP

United Way of Greater Lafayette has implemented a process for community conversations to turn outward and understand from key stakeholders and the community at large what the greatest needs are in for human services in Tippecanoe County. From these conversations, critical community needs are identified. The United Way of Greater Lafayette is seeking program partners that align with the Cradle to Career Commitment to help fulfill service gaps or areas of need identified in the community.  

United Way’s strategic goal is for each person in Tippecanoe County to live a successful life. We recognize that the path to success looks different for each person. We focus our efforts on the Cradle to Career Commitment and Basic Foundational Needs to guide members of the community from being born health, sustaining a career and through life after a career.

The objective of establishing a Request for Proposal is to find and provide support for identified gaps in our community. Any program that addresses the Cradle to Career commitment or Basic Foundational Needs is open to apply. An emphasis will be made on programs addressing mental health, substance use disorder, youth/older youth engagement and affordable housing.

Mental Health- United Way is looking for new or expanding services that will connect people to services, aid in identifying those that are in need of services, or provide treatment.

Substance Abuse- United Way is looking for new or expanding services that will provide prevention services, expand treatment, or aid in the long-term recovery of those suffering from substance abuse. 

Youth/Older Youth Engagement- United Way is looking for new or expanding services that will help identify at risk youth or that serves at risk youth by aiding in a successful transition from middle school to high school by addressing absenteeism, school behavior reports and increasing reading and math levels. United Way is also looking for new or expanding services that will assist in the identification of at risk older youth or that serves at risk older youth in preparation of soft skills, career aspirations, and academic requirements needed for success.

Affordable Housing- United Way is looking for new or expanding services that will help address the barriers surrounding affordable housing in the community. 

How to Apply

Agencies interested in applying should submit the RFI application online by May 31st, 2023. Selected applicants will be notified by June 9th, 2023 to submit a full proposal. You can find additional information about the RFP Process in the UWGL RFP Guidelines 2023


May 1st, 2023

 Request for Proposal Announced

 May 31st, 2023

 Request for Information Due

June 9th, 2023

 Agencies notified to submit full RFP

July 14th, 2023

 Full applications due with attachments

 September 2023

 Potential Site Visits for Select Applicants

 December 2023

 Funding Decisions Announced

 Feb/July 2024

 Funding Begins

2020-2021 Results

Heartford House                                         $10,061

Heartford House serves as the child advocacy center for Tippecanoe and the surrounding counties. The purpose of Heartford House is to allow children who have been a victim or witness to a crime to participate in a forensic interview with specially trained professionals who are members of a Multi-Disciplinary Team that includes law enforcement, prosecutor’s office, and child protective services. Every aspect of the environment and services provided by Heartford House is structured to attend to the needs of child victims. Our building is designed to create a feeling of security, safety, and privacy. In addition, our process for talking with victims utilizes a proven method which minimizes the secondary trauma that a victim experiences when asked to repeat the details of a crime. In addition, the non-offending parent is also provided resources and support from Heartford House staff. In addition to forensic interviews, Heartford House provides community education to help identify and provide services to victims of child abuse.

Homestead CS                                            $40,000

HomesteadCS is a non-profit HUD-certified Housing Counseling Agency offering Education and Consulting Assistance to all homeowners and potential homeowners regardless of income. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Our agency is certified by the State of Indiana to offer HomeBuyer Counseling, Education, and Foreclosure Prevention Counseling. Our counselors are certified by the State of Indiana, NeighborWorks America, and NCHEC to offer Pre and Post-purchase Counseling, Foreclosure Prevention, and Reverse Mortgage Counseling.

2019-2020 Results

The United Way of Greater Lafayette announced and opened funding for the first time in 2018 and was able to continue that new funding opportunity in 2019. So far 11 new programs have receiving funding through the RFP.

PALS- Purdue University                                         $22,000

PALS is a free summer camp for 400 children ages 8-14 whose family incomes are at or below federal poverty guidelines. The camp is structured around four character pillars: respect, responsibility, caring and courage. Curriculum activities include STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), computer programming, financial literacy, arts, nutrition and career development. Campers receive breakfast and lunch and are bused from 2 locations in Lafayette School Corporation.

NAMI Café- NAMI West Central Indiana                  $20,000

NAMI Cafe is a free dop in center for individuals and their families suffering from mental illness. This will be a warm, safe and comfortable space for people to feel supported and valued. The cafe will be un by peers, Certified Recovery Specialists with lived experience.

School Court- Bauer Family Resources                 $15,000

Sunnyside School Court is a collaboration between Bauer Family Resources, Sunnyside Intermediate School, and Oakland High School. The program is designed to serve as an immediate sanction for youth’s school behavior while providing asset building activities. The program’s goal is to divert students from more punitive sanctions including in school and out of school suspension, and expulsion. The program integrates components of the 40 Developmental Assets

BIGS in Blue- Big Brothers Big Sisters                  $10,000

Bigs in Blue is a one-to-one mentoring program that connects youth with police in the community, building strong, trusting, and lasting relationships. These relationships can help children develop into confident adults and help build stronger bonds between law enforcement and families they serve.

Finance Park/BizTown- JA                                       $10,000

These financial literacy laboratories exist to inspire and prepare youth to succeed. There is no question about it: Financial literacy and sound money management skills are essential to success. JA Finance Park and JA BizTown allows middle students to see, touch, and live the experience of personal finance in a real-life setting of stores, shops, and financial institutions, by basically becoming “an adult for the day.”

Recovery Café- We Bloom                                       $30,000

The Recovery Café model is a peer-led, peer-run program rooted in the empowerment of individuals in recovery to move from surviving to thriving. It serves those recovering from trauma, mental illness, addiction and homelessness, and invites healing through human connections.

Leveling Up- Valley Oak                                           $36,000

The Leveling Up program will provide additional support in daily living skills and substance use prevention to improve the likelihood that students stay in school and improve their overall lifestyle to support high school graduation and healthy coping skills.

SOAR Middle School Alternative- TSC                    $24,000

The SOAR program provides an educational alternative for expelled middle school students to increase the likelihood that they will remain in school and successfully reintegrate into the community. SOAR staff members will implement social and emotional curriculum to promote positive behaviors to enhance education achievements, life skills, self-esteem and respect for others.

Active Parenting- Willowstone                                $27,500

Active Parenting is an evidence-based prevention curriculum that is a six-week video and discussion workshop for parents of all age groups, and currently facilitated by an experienced, licensed therapist. The program will help parents better understand their role in child development at any age, relate to and protect their children from ACEs to allow the growth of stable brain architecture for an improved future as teens and adults.

Substance Treatment Support- YWCA                   $10,642

Substance abuse occurs in 40-60% of domestic violence incidences. In order to reduce barriers and increase likelihood of success the program will promote access to treatment options for clients with income restraints.

Let’s Talk-MHA of Wabash Valley Region              $31,000

“Let’s Talk” will reduce this mental health treatment gap by providing regularly scheduled opportunities for individuals to participate in one-to-one sessions with trained lay mental health workers. This new program will use a cognitive behavioral therapy-based approach at a primary care level. “Let’s Talk” will be modeled on an evidence-based program originating in Zimbabwe in 2004. This program, provides residents experiencing mental health challenges with the opportunity to speak with trained lay mental health workers.