What is United WAy in Montgomery County?

First starting as Montgomery County United Fund For You, the community campaign was kicked off on Monday, October 5, 1970 with the goal of raising $76,000.  The Campaign Chair was Thaddeus Seymour, then President of Wabash College, and the President of Montgomery United Fund was Ned Rickett, an agent for Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company. A total of $82,761 was raised in that first campaign!

The Montgomery County United Fund, now known as United Way in Montgomery County is a collaborative social services organization that holds a community-wide fundraising drive every year to collect money from local donors through payroll deduction, annual gifts, planned giving and special events.  After the drive, we distribute the money to nonprofit agencies who help people in Montgomery County based on the direction of our donors and supporters.

Where several organizations will only award funds to agencies for capital expenditures like buildings or equipment, our funds are often unrestricted and used for programmatic purposes to help an agency grow and better support their consumers.  United Way in Montgomery County takes care of our neighbors in Montgomery County, and our funds do not restrict an agency from taking care of their constituents in the best and most efficient ways they can.

How can I help?


Giving through United Way in Montgomery County ensures that your gift helps the entire Montgomery County community and that human-service organizations throughout our area are receiving needed funds regularly throughout the year, not on a sporadic basis. 

You can be assured that your donations are going to solve the most pressing needs in our community.


United Way in Montgomery County relies on the work of hundreds of volunteers throughout our campaign season.  From taking a leadership position on our Campaign Team to running a campaign within your workplace, your gifts of time and talent make the Montgomery County United Fund a leader in collaborative community impact.

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The citizens of Montgomery County give annual donations, and we want to make sure the public has a say in how those funds are reinvested in our community.

Join our Community Investment Committee and work to evaluate applicant agencies and make recommendations about fund allocations.

Special Events

United Way in Montgomery County hosts several fun and exciting fundraising events throughout the year, such as, a Executive Breakfast, a Training Breakfast, an annual Golf Scramble, and a Campaign Luncheon.

If you have a knack for event planning and a love of a grand get-together, we would love to have you on our Special Initiatives team!