“By focusing on improving equity issues in our community, central Iowa can and will ensure that every person has an opportunity to thrive. Now that you have participated in this 21-Day Equity Challenge, we hope you will join with us in making that a reality.” 
Joshua V. Barr, 21-Day Equity Challenge Co-Chair 
“The 21-Day Equity Challenge has been a journey for more than 26,000 central Iowans. And while that journey was different for each person, I am confident that every one of us have learned something new. I also believe it has given us all a reason to join the fight for equity and inclusion in central Iowa, and together we can inspire real change.” 
Elisabeth Buck, 21-Day Equity Challenge Co-Chair 

At one time or another in our journey, we may find ourselves hesitant to pursue change due to the fear of making mistakes. We invite you to view it as an opportunity to be brave. Let us all do what we can to create and inhabit the “brave space” described in this poem: 
You are invited to be yourself in this brave space: 
Together we will create brave space 
Because there is no such thing as a “safe space” 
We exist in the real world 
We all carry scars and we have all caused wounds. 
In this space we seek to turn down the volume of the outside world, 
We call each other to more truth and love 
We have the right to start somewhere and continue to grow. 
We have the responsibility to examine what we think we know. 
This space will not be perfect. 
It will not always be what we wish it to be but 
It will be our brave space together, 
And we will work on it side by side. 
by Mickey Scott Bey Jones 
Doing the Work: 
Over the past 19 business days, we have learned how racial inequities permeate our communities on individual, institutional, and systemic levels. We are all impacted by the system of racism in our country and therefore all responsible for dismantling the structures that allow it to persist. Change is possible, and there are many tools and approaches we can employ as individuals and organizations to drive transformation. We encourage you to explore Racial Equity Tools, a comprehensive site of resources. You’ll find fundamentals, ideas for planning, implementation strategies, and evaluation resources. They are all designed to support efforts to achieve racial equity. 
Right Here in Central Iowa 
Capital Crossroads is the strategic vision plan for central Iowa and is based on three guiding principles: Talent drives success, capture high-value opportunities, and growth must be sustainable. Ten Capitals, or work platforms, support these three principles and form the structure of Capital Crossroads. 
The Capitals are the framework for our community’s well-being. They span the breadth of topic areas that make central Iowa a top place to live, work, and play. The Social Capital focuses on building leadership, diversity, equity, inclusion, and civility in Iowa. The 4 Equity Tool was developed by the Social Capital, and is intended to be used by anyone, but especially leaders when making decisions. It is essentially a pause button that forces important conversations to move racial equity forward. 
4 Equity Tool 
Use The 4 Equity Tool to ensure diverse perspectives and people are involved and represented in decision-making. 


Today’s Challenge: Do one or more of the following


Creating equitable outcomes requires that we change the way we think about members of our community, focusing on their aspirations rather than their challenges. In practice, this is called “asset-framing” and uses narratives to change the unconscious associations ingrained in our society. The opposite practice of deficit-framing—or defining people by their challenges—encourages continued stigmatization of groups or individuals.


How might your organization’s norms embody dominant culture approaches over other options that would be more inclusive and equitable? This worksheet breaks down the differences and suggests some useful pivot points.


Shine a light on Black voices and listen to learn, with “Iowa Week 2020: Listening to Black Voices” on Iowa Public Radio’s Talk of Iowa.